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Sidís Show » thumbnailSidís Show » - 01 Nov 2014
Join Sid from Cbeebies live on stage in a fantastic fun-filled adventure that'll knock your socks off! Sid is setting out on a heroic quest to find out where in the world his favourite socks and shoes have go to - share in the adventure at the bottom of the sea, deep in the jungle or floating in outer space youíll meet some funny characters and discover plenty of surprises along the way. In an interactive experience crammed with games, songs, poems and magic, Sid's Show will leave you with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Perfect for families with children aged 3-7 Sid is the hugely popular original star of the CBeebies channel.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz » thumbnailThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz » - 12 Dec 2014
12th to 29th December The only way is Oz in this Christmas pantomime spectacular. Join Dorothy and her friends, Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow as they battle the wicked witch and her flying monkeys in their quest to get back home. The all-singing, all-dancing cast bring your favourite characters to life in this Wizard of a pantomime for all the family! Ė Book now and enjoy last yearís prices

King Silly and Friends » thumbnailKing Silly and Friends » - 28 Feb 2015
Join King Silly & Friends as they perform the greatest show on Earth! Well - the greatest show in the Kingdom of Silly anyway! The finest family friendly acrobats, magicians, jugglers, dance crews, jesters, mime artists and puppeteers are gathering at the palace grounds to entertain King Silly - and as luck would have it - you can be there too! This modern, fast paced extravaganza is jam-packed with real live actual entertainment! There will be magic, mayhem, music, mischief and maybe even a few surprises too! Tom Beard (writer of BBC Television & Radio and children's theatre stalwart) writes and stars as King Silly and can't wait to bring you some amazing guests and acts from such shows as 'Britainís Got Talent', CBBC's 'The Slammer', C5's 'Milkshake', BBC's 'Somewhere over the rainbow', CBBC's 'Alesha's Street Dance Stars' and many, many more - please see for the shows fantastic line-up and join in the fun!!! King Silly & Friends is suitable for all ages from tiny tots to the young at heart. This production is fully interactive, fun and lively - and afterwards you can come and meet the shows performers too! So don't be Silly - come and see the show!


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