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Search for a Star - Wed 09 September 09



The Deco invites you to take part in the Search for a Star competition to audition for the roles of Wendy, Michael and John in the Deco Theatre’s Christmas Pantomime “Peter Pan”.


This is a great opportunity for you to perform alongside stars such as Louisa Lytton, Danny McCall, Tony O Callaghan, Christina Baily and Hazel Pude.


The Deco’s search for fresh new faces to fly into the magic of pantomime starts on Saturday 3 October 2009, with initial auditions being held from 10am onwards at the theatre.


If you are a budding young actor who can also sing and dance we want to hear from you.  Please call 01604 622749 or email to book your place. 


Then if you are successful, you will be shortlisted for the call backs on 17 October 2009, to audition in front of Louisa Lytton, Danny McCall and one of the country’s biggest pantomime producers Bev Berridge.   Our final decision will be made on 1 November and applicants will be advised in writing.


Please note we our looking for a female aged 16 years old or older to play the role of Wendy and you must be available from Tuesday 24 November until Thursday 31 December. For the Roles of Michael and John we are looking for children aged 10 plus.


Peter Pan is the story of the boy who never grew up!

Our story begins in London, in the home of the Darling family and more importantly in the children’s nursery, where the eldest child Wendy tells stories of adventures with Pirates to her younger brothers.

The magic of Wendy’s stories comes to be a reality, when the children are visited by Peter Pan himself. Peter offers to take them to Neverland, where he lives, but first he must teach them to fly. And so, we follow the Darling children as they fly out of the nursery window and over the rooftops of London to the magical home of Peter Pan.

Neverland is as magical as they had imagined – they encounter Indians, mermaids, Lost Boys, not to mention the dastardly Pirates, led by the infamous Captain Hook!

Hook is determined to kill Peter Pan and tries to poison him in his home under the ground, kidnapping Wendy and the boys in the process. And so it is aboard the Jolly Roger, Hook’s ship that, Peter rescues the boys and defeats Hook in one final showdown. The children sail back to London, leaving Peter to live where he is happiest, in Neverland.



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